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As we provide the best professionals for our online courses and classes it transforms the learner for better tomorrow,

  • However, as the information is confidential, every course can only be seen and watched while staying on the site. 

  • Anywhere out of the site, information viewed or manipulated will be confronted as illegal use and abuse of the academy data.

  • If prospect is found using or selling our information, strict action will be taken under the law of copyright infringement case.

For Refund:

  1. As we pay full attentions to learner's need and wants before making the course we launch a pilot course on respective topic on YouTube to take a look at.

  2. We provide you enough free data to cater your decisions, therefore on the basis of free trial of each courses we can't offer refund of the courses once after you become a member.

  3. Member can not cancel or ask for the refund of the course they have subscribed.

  4. Yet for our academic merchandise or essential tools which can be bought separately 'according to the desire of member' are refundable within 2 days of receiving. Also member have to bear the transportation cost.

  5. For refund of any tools email us at  We will send you the detail of address where it is to be sent.

  6. After we received our tool money will be transferred in full amount within a day. 

Terms & Refund policy: Accessibility Policy
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